Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Madness

Sooooo I'm a little late getting this posted....let's just say I wanted to keep you in suspense! This Halloween was complete madness! And I loved every minute of it!! Besides juggling orders I had two costumes to create. I also attended my dear friends party, and took some bakes treats with me. We had the annual costume contest at the office, and there were some good ones this year. As promised I will be posting pictures, but first lets talk about cupcakes. The Halloween orders this year consisted of spooky cut outs(which are more cute then scary), superheroes, Transformers and lots of purple, orange and greeeeeeen frosting.

Thanks everyone for your orders and ideas!

Wilton came up with this little creation, I really like using cupcake wrappers. But where I live in Canada they are not easily accessible.
Fans of Cuppitycakes suggested making Candy Corn Cupcakes, orange and yellow layers of cake topped with classic white buttercream.
Thanks guys!

These bones were too cute not to purchase, and everyone likes a bubble gum eyeball

I topped my Pumpkin spice cupcakes with a marshmallow fondant candy corn.

I raided Michael's again this years for Halloween goodies to top my cupcakes and found skull candy molds! They were so cool, and I hope I get to use them again before next halloween!

This was for a a nursing students birthday, one of the ever so popular custom orders....

She also was being a Pirate for halloween, so I made here a Mate!

This order was so FUN!!!!!! It made me want to watch Saturday morning cartoons again!

Autobots, transform and roll out!

And now for the costumes!!!!
I hope you y'all like what you saw!


Beth the bounty hunters wife

go ninja go ninja GO!(I'm Donatello)

Marilyn and JFK

It's Vince! Your gonna be saying wow every time!

My second costume, Corpse bride and my maid of honor. A nasty love triangle left us this way....

H1N1 Fairies!

Powder Puff Girls

Danger zone!

I'm thinkin Arby's.......but really he means cuppitycakes!
Until next time....