Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Farmers Market round 2!

The markets for the past couple of years have been sooooo much fun that I decided, it is a must for this year! Our first Market in 2010 will be at the Red Deer Public Market located down by the Red Deer Arena/skatepark Saturday May 22nd. Its starts at 8am and goes till noon. Please stop by and try some free samples and some feature flavours for purchase. Julia, Charlee and myself would love to see ya! There will be postings on our Facebook page when and where we are attending a market, keep an eye out for that.

I almost forgot! We will be bringing some of our specialty goodies to the markets as well over the summer. Like the ever-so-popular Chocolate Dipped New York Cheesecake... on a stick! Thats right I said it!!!!

Hope to see you this summer. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Milk and cupcakes??

Milk and cookies was something of an after-school delight for me growing up. Almost like comfort food! This week I'm going to show you two wonderful cupcakes that have made their mark on the Cuppitycakes Menu! First off, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Mmm cooookies! Almost as good as a cupcakes, but not quite. I created this cupcake the very first year I started selling at the summer markets. I went through a faze of making cupcakes that were stuffed with this or filled with that. At this particular time in the summer I was making chocolate bar cupcakes like Caramilk, After Eight, get the idea! Then I immediately thought of ice-cream, which led me to blizzards and then......back to cupcakes! Anyways, I put globs of cookie dough into my Classic Chocolate cupcake batter. Topped it off with a rich chocolate butter cream and of course, a cookie.
Boy oh boy, was that a good idea!

I had also created one of Red Deer's favourites, Cookies&Cream. I positively love Oreos, they take be back to the good old days! I still indulge from time to time ;0)

I used my Classic Vanilla batter as the base. Most people use chocolate cake but I really wanted to see the cookie chunks. I put some Oreos into a little baggy and smash those little suckers up with my trusty rolling pin. The trick to making this cupcake is all in the frosting. I did my very, very, very best to make the frosting taste just like the delicious creamy filling you get with Oreos. Oh, and we added a little flare by topping the cupcake off with a mini Oreo.

Too cute! I might just have to go bake some... until next time!