Sunday, January 9, 2011

From cake to frosting: A year in review

2010 has by far been the best year for Cuppitycakes! I personally got to go places I would have never gone, and created things I never imagined I could do. I have so many people to thank for spreading the word. THANK YOU!!!

I thought it might be nice show some of my favourite things about this year. I'm told I'm not very good at blogging.......I have no idea what their talking about ;0) I'll try to do better! As I said before, this past year was filled with so many great opportunitues for me to really challenge myself. I had a chance to make up cupcakes for several music lovers. Making a 2inch guitar out of fondant isn't an easy task, trust me. Practice makes perfect!

Starting in April my evenings and weekends were full Pixar, Disney, Fairytales, Superheros, was never ending! It was liking watching Saturday morning cartoons every waking moment, I was a kid again! These are just a few, WAY too many to put them all up. I have to thank for sending moms our way. Love you gal's!

In 2010 we had alot of charities and associations ask for donations. For the most part we were able to help anyone who asked, which gives me the warm and fuzzies! Love puting a smile of peoples faces! We donated cupcakes to some of our regular causes and some new ones too. We had some events too: the annual tennis tournament for the Red Deer Tennis Club, SPCA Grand Opening, Jungle Farm Fall Feastival and Pirates & Princess Party put on by

Wedding season starts every January fielding phone calls for upcoming neptuals in the summer. Last summer was our biggest year so far (this year is looking good), it's always fun being part of the couples big day. I also headed off to Anchorage Alaska do an old friends wedding. I even made my first wedding cake! 18 hours of pure fondant, flour and delish cupcakes. Alaska is beautiful I highly recommend taking a trip there, its just amazing!

Well that's about all I can handle sitting in front of this computer. Thanks to our Facebook fans for spreading the word, the lovely market goers, family&freinds and lastly the Jungle Farm!

xxoo ST