Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Vacation!

So you may or may not known the shop has been closed for a few weeks now. But this was to only serve you better! We took some time to create new flavours, fine tune some old favourites and well..... just play in the kitchen! I took a trip out to Omaha, NE. I bet your asking why would you go to Omaha?? Its a valid question at that, and the reason was to visit my dear friend Kate, stalk up on some supplies and to just go on vacation!! While I was there I met some wonderful people, with all kinds of talents! I even did some baking with three lovely ladies Julia, Jennifer & Christine. Who deffinatley know their way around a kitchen! We all picked a recipe to bake/create and of course eat. Julia and I choose to make butter tarts. To our surprise, our American friends had never heard butter tarts, let alone ate them before. Jennifer decided to make carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.....droooooool. And probably my favourite thing we made was Christines contribution! She introduced us to CRACK BALLS (aka Oreo truffles). You can find he recipe on Bakerella, they are amazing! You must try them out right away, they are too delicious and easy to make!!!!

Enough typing lets see the pictures!

Cuppitycakes went international this holiday season!

Mini butter tarts! We had to cut out the shells, and they were so cute. For some reason Omaha doesn't sell tart shells in their grocery stores. Probably why they had never has butter tarts...

Crack Balls! So good, but soooooo bad

Who needs wire racks when you bake in the winter, haha

Thank you Reynolds for creating Slow Cooker Liners, and finding your way into Christine's shopping cart. I will remember this if I ever run out of pastry bags.

Christine brought out the big guns! Once we figured out this contraption, it made....well interesting patterns....

Cupcakes Complete!

Happy customer!

One afternoon we took a break from shopping and headed over to Cupcake Island, the only cupcakes shop out there!

Julia was enjoying her Candy Cane cupcake.

Kate tried out Ed's Chocolate Raspberry

Mmm mmm good!

We also checked out Yesterday and Today a Beatles show. It was amazing, both times we went! If your in the area check it out!

The men that make the show happen!

And the absolute worst part of traveling?! Trying to pack up everything you brought with you, not to mention everything you purchased.....sigh

Great trip, thanks to everyone who put up with Julia and I, we owe ya!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Madness

Sooooo I'm a little late getting this posted....let's just say I wanted to keep you in suspense! This Halloween was complete madness! And I loved every minute of it!! Besides juggling orders I had two costumes to create. I also attended my dear friends party, and took some bakes treats with me. We had the annual costume contest at the office, and there were some good ones this year. As promised I will be posting pictures, but first lets talk about cupcakes. The Halloween orders this year consisted of spooky cut outs(which are more cute then scary), superheroes, Transformers and lots of purple, orange and greeeeeeen frosting.

Thanks everyone for your orders and ideas!

Wilton came up with this little creation, I really like using cupcake wrappers. But where I live in Canada they are not easily accessible.
Fans of Cuppitycakes suggested making Candy Corn Cupcakes, orange and yellow layers of cake topped with classic white buttercream.
Thanks guys!

These bones were too cute not to purchase, and everyone likes a bubble gum eyeball

I topped my Pumpkin spice cupcakes with a marshmallow fondant candy corn.

I raided Michael's again this years for Halloween goodies to top my cupcakes and found skull candy molds! They were so cool, and I hope I get to use them again before next halloween!

This was for a a nursing students birthday, one of the ever so popular custom orders....

She also was being a Pirate for halloween, so I made here a Mate!

This order was so FUN!!!!!! It made me want to watch Saturday morning cartoons again!

Autobots, transform and roll out!

And now for the costumes!!!!
I hope you y'all like what you saw!


Beth the bounty hunters wife

go ninja go ninja GO!(I'm Donatello)

Marilyn and JFK

It's Vince! Your gonna be saying wow every time!

My second costume, Corpse bride and my maid of honor. A nasty love triangle left us this way....

H1N1 Fairies!

Powder Puff Girls

Danger zone!

I'm thinkin Arby's.......but really he means cuppitycakes!
Until next time....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Running for the Cure in freezing rain.

Again in October Cuppitycakes has been super busy, and I'm deffinately not complaining! The month started off with the CIBC Run for the Cure. It went very well besides the fact there was freezing rain/snow the whole time. In total Cuppitycakes raise with your help $325! Next year I would like to raise double that, and we will be entering a team made up of friends and family affected by Breast Cancer. Thanks again Red Deer and everyone who came out to the market to eat for the cure!

The finish line, as you can see everyone is in major layers!

My lovely running attire, and I was so happy it kept me warm.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year, Autumn!

Ahhhhh yes, autumn has arrived. By far my favourite season, not only because I get to celebrate my birthday BUT because Halloween is finally here!! Growing up Halloween was a big deal for me. Not just because of all the sugary treats, I looked forward to making the most amazing costumes with my parents. I did have one costume that was pretty clever (I thought so anyways), which was a Duracell Battery. I think I was in grade 7 and I won some sort of prize at school, which was good enough for me. Oh and when I went trick'or'treating perfect strangers asked to take my photo, which come to think of it now was a little creepy. Oh the memories!

The 31st is fast approaching, I hope you have your costumes ready and your cupcake orders in.....wink wink. I will be posting up some of the ghoulish creations towards the end of the month and maybe snapshot or two of my costumes.(thats right I have more then one)

But for now I'll leave you with some of this months works of edible art