Monday, April 18, 2011

The biebs!

I'm going to try and post more often......even if it's only a picture or two. But first I want you all to know that our new menu is on the horizon! As well as our new look, which I'm really excited about! Braden from make marks design has turned my crazy ramblings into something real! Which means our website will be changing as well as the blog.....a little anyways.

I also wanted to Congratulate our Facebook fan who won some sweet limited edition swag and custom cupcakes of course! Thanks for all your input fans, the new menu is gonna be grrrrreat!

Now market season is fast approaching, weddings are consuming all my weekends and I can't wait to share new tasty treats with all of you! Make sure this summer you swing by and see what we're all about. I'll leave you with on of our recent creations.......Justin Bieber......please take no offence's you in your younger days!

Cheers, ST!