Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Bye September, hello October!

My goodness where did September go?! I can't believe it's over. With that in mind my favourite time of the year is upon us...October! But before I get into my favourite time of the year, let me show you a few things that kept us busy in September.

We kept on with our campaign "Cupcakes for the Cure". So far we have raised $280.00. We are very close to our goal of $300.00, not too shabby considering we only sold cupcakes on two occasions. A big thank you goes out to everyone with a sweet tooth at the Red Deer Advocate for raising $145.oo of our total so far. This upcoming weekend I will be participating the CIBC Run For The Cure. Hopefully next year we can get a team together to raise more money and awareness.

September was a month for many custom orders. But before I show you some of the orders, I'll share with you my favourite. It was a tennis theme order for The Memorial tournament being held at the Red Deer Tennis Club. I had never done anything "tennis", besides play in high school and college for fun. So I leaped at the chance to challenge myself and this is how it turned out!

This is Hilary, a very sweet lady. Along with her siblings and about 45 others the tournament was made a success!

GAME SET.......

Chocolate nets on turf

Thelma's favourite flower, this was our tribute to her.

Hilary's nephews enjoying the cupcakes, I think they liked the fondant more then anything

And a few more orders.......

More flowers!

I love this colour whatever it is, turquoise or teal or blueish-green....


And a onesie!

The cutest lil' booties

It's really hard to make the "fire" stand up

Only the finest, Cuppitycakes Cubans

There's a funny story behind the ketchup packet, too long to type out right now. But trust me it's funny!

Mini outhouse! The lady that ordered the camping theme cupcakes got to enjoy our newest flavour: 'The Paralyzer'

"Shaken not stirred" I crack myself up

Stay tuned for more custom creations and the extended menu coming soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Lumber Jack aka Canadian Bacon aka Maple Bacon...

About a month ago I had asked some friends for some new and interesting flavours to try out. Some suggestions were great and I have since then tried them out. BUT the one that stood out the most was.........Bacon Cupcakes! My first reaction was, well....eeeew! But then I started to think about it, sweet and salty. Something I love! I put the idea on the back burner for a few weeks until a co-worker brought in an article that was in the Globe and Mail. It was all about bacon! It mentioned a bakery on Queen St West - Toronto that made "Chocolate Oatmeal Cupcakes with Maple Bacon frosting". So now I had to try it! My first attempt was a maple cake with bacon in it, topped with maple frosting and bacon bits. I will definitely be trying out more variations. I'm thinking chocolate cake next, with maple bacon frosting and maybe a pancake cupcake too.........yeah.