Thursday, September 16, 2010

A tribute to the arts.

Hello Ladies and gents, its been a loooooong time. But I needed to share some exciting news with you all. Drum roll please.....................Cuppitycakes Cupcakery now has T-SHIRTS!!! Okay, so maybe not that exciting for you guys as much as me but in any case you can show your love. Yeah!

Men's T's - indigo, white, black and green. Various sizes

Ladies T's - peach, sky blue, black, white and green. Various sizes

Thank you so much to Braden from make marks design for creating some really radical designs! I loved them all! It was very difficult to pick only a few to share with all you fans. Right now we are sporting the "spray" design on euro fitted T's and snazzy black aprons. Stay tuned for more designs.

And another big thanks to Mike at A Rare Brand for creating our logo.

Love you boys, your amazing and your work shows it!

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