Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love is in the air.....

This summer has been packed with weddings!! Who doesn't love a wedding?! Gorgeous flowers, elegant gowns, buffets of food and insanely uncomfortable shoes that make your calve scream ever time you pass by them in your closet. I personally enjoy the reception the most, I know the ceremony really is supposed to be the best part, but lets be serious if you had moves like I do you'd feel the same way ;0) Now if I'm not a guest at the wedding and get to create some super cute/pretty/unique cupcakes, my favourite part would have to be the set up of the display! I get a little misty when my clients say; "We'll pick them up! That way you don't have to drive all this way." I can just feel the smile beaming through the phone, so proud that they saved me 30 min trip to the next town. I appreciate it pals&gals I really do, but putting up the display is the BEST part of the design!

Also this year, some of my past designs were used for a few I won't show those pictures. But here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Oh and a special congrats to Amy&Cody on their marriage! AND a big thanks to all the brides and grooms for letting Cuppitycakes be a part of your special day!

I'll leave you with this video of the A&C flash mob
entrance......please keep in mind that cocktails
started an hour before this. Enjoy!

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